Our Product:

IM panels manufactured from Polyisocyanurate , polyurethane foam . Panel is covered on both sides by aluminum foil manufactured by a continuous Process production line. Im duct and insulation panels are manufactured under American (ASTM) as well as British Standards (BS). Chemical composition of Im duct and insulation panels is in accordance with European Standards (EN 573-3). The mechanical characteristics of aluminum foil that covers Im duct and insulation panels Tested in accordance with the European Standards (EN465-2).

The IM Duct System Product

The system is fabricated using IM PIR sandwich panels and specific accessories. This technology, named IM SYSTEM, has been considered a revolutionary innovation in the HVAC field.
IM SYSTEM pre-insulated duct can be adapted to meet every needs in HVAC installations. IM pre-insulated duct system can be installed either outdoor or indoor. Installed in more than 500 projects around the ksa, in almost all the HVAC sectors, from residential to commercial, from food processing to pharmaceuticals and hospitals. IM is definitively the ideal solution for any HVAC project. IM pre-insulated system comply with the strict national and international standards for these types of products and comply with all the international installation standards, such as SASO ,ASHRAE, SMACNA, etc. IM is an ISO 9001 and SASO Quality Certified Manufacturer, to ensure a reliable process in meeting the most requirements .

Light weight

IM duct system are extremely light weight, about 8 times lighter than G.I ductwork. ​Advantage of IM duct system in relation to its lightness is the considerable reduction of the loads on structures that derives from its use

Air quality

The aluminum, well-known as non-toxic material with high resistance to corrosion, assures the preservation of the purity of the supplied air. This is the reason why IM duct system can be easily installed in any project.

Even insulation

In IM duct system the insulation turns out to be continuous and steady in all points of the duct, especially on the corners where glass wool is normally “squeezed” to a minimum thickness, then losing its insulation properties.

Moisture resistance

The close cell structure of the pir foam has excellent resistance to Moisture absorption. Aluminum foil covering the panels acts as Vapor barrier.

Air safety

what happens in Glass wool, the pir foam does not release any fiber The fibers released by the Glass wool can contaminate the ambient air, creating health problems to the occupants of the building or damaging/affecting industrial manufacturing processes.

Air leakage

The special fabrication method of IM duct system grants a “totally sealed” duct system;

Long life

The main advantage of IM duct system product is their durability and their long life. The characteristics of stability, and physically derive from the unique properties of the insulating foam produced by IM in combination with the typical properties of the aluminum. IM System duct system can grant excellent working performances for more than 25 years.


In HVAC installations, the insulation of the ductwork is carried out by applying an insulating material outside the ductwork. The most used insulation material in HVAC field is Glass wool. Apart the cost of the material itself, additional works are required to install the insulation outside the ductwork and then to insulate the joint after the installation. in IM system the insulation is an integral element of the duct structure, this is the reason why IM is known as the pre- insulated duct system . (duct already insulated and no additional work required to insulate and to insulate the joints after the installation )

Insulation value

The insulation value of IM panels is definitely better in comparison with the value of any other products traditionally used for the insulation of HVAC ducts. Pir is known to be the best insulating material available in the market. The same insulation value of 50 mm thick Glass wool can be easily achieved by about 20 mm of im PIR foam. One of the major problems of glass wool is its durability, as the thickness reduces with the passing of time. On the contrary, the rigid pir is extremely stable.The close cells of the rigid polyurethane foam and its particular chemical structure grant stability and insulation performances for a long period of time, i.e. for more than 25 years.

Thermal Insulation

Used in civil construction wall, roof insulation and ground. Modified polyurethane thermal insulation of large plate can be widely used in sandwich board, central air conditioning, building wall materials, cold storage, freezer, incubator, chemical tanks, and other fields


- Lower heat conductivity, higher thermal efficiency
- Low density, light weight
- Foamed with CFC free materials, environment protective
- With aluminum foil reinforced on both sides, its corrosion protective, hygiene, and has a beautiful appearance.
. Foamed with closed-cell structure, its water-proof and sound-insulated.
- Easy making, rapid installing and convenient maintenance save cost.
- No protruding flange on the connections, it can save a lot of building space.