Technical Advantages

Outdoor IM duct advantage

For installation outdoor, when insulated, G.I. ductwork require cladding. IM system need no cladding granted by the thick aluminum foil covering the insulation foam. This allows the outdoor installation of our duct system without the need of additional materials and works, then:
- saving in materials cost (no cladding is required)
- Saving in project cost.

Wither resistance

IM panels aluminum, is high resistance to corrosion, assures the integrity of the duct system against the aggressive action of salty atmosphere. This characteristic is very important for those installations close to the sea.


Another great advantage of IM duct system its flexibility. The use of hand tools and equipment, which do not require any electric power, for the fabrication of duct system gives the Fabricator the possibility to carry out the Fabrication of the duct directly at the site. This Gives More accurate job, thanks to the possibility of immediately verifying the Conditions at the site. In case some modifications needed.